Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Photography meets Art

I came across this great photo and wanted to share it with you! I love it when wedding photography is combined with art. This photo was taken by John & Joseph Photography. Check out their website. There are some truly beautiful images!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Your Bartender

My amazing honey, Mr. Justin Medeiros, just completed bartending school! He is now a certified mixologist! Congratulations sweetheart! For those of you who have events coming up, Justin is available to bartend private parties, weddings, corporate events... I wouldn't even mind lending him out for bachelorette parties. You name it, he can serve it! Let me just tell you... Justin makes the best long island iced tea you've ever had! Book him now while he still has availability!

The business cards, pictured above and below are courtesy of yours truly, and also a reminder, that I (in a few weeks time) will have a design degree, and am available for all your stationery needs!


Paperback Weddings

I recently discovered a fabulous photographer that I simply MUST share with you all! Paperback Weddings does everything right. There are a lot of trends in wedding photography, and Paperback Weddingstakes the cake for incorporating all the right trends! They incorporate masterful skill with stunning romance. Those are the two biggest things to look for when selecting your photographer. A good wedding photographer will be able to capture romantic moments without letting the images be stilted. Every image should be interesting to look at, while still telling a story at the same time.

Take a look at some of their stunning photos...