Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Night Before Your Wedding

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Everyone knows that the night before a big wedding day can be stressful for a bride and groom (and mother of the bride and groom). Naturally, nerves are setting in, and the pressure is taking it's toll. As a coordinator, I've seen it all. I've seen brides trying to finish all their DIY projects, attempting to set up the ceremony and reception space, trying to cram in so much pampering that they run late to their own rehearsal, and one of my younger brides was even trying to finish her homework before leaving on her honeymoon. 

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Now you might think, I would never do that! I have enough sense to plan ahead! But you would be surprised how often these things happen. So, as someone who has your best interests at heart, please listen to me when I say NO STRESSING BEFORE THE WEDDING!

It's perfectly natural to be nervous. Committing your life to another person is a big decision, and it should be respected by a good amount of nerves. What doesn't help is worrying about the ceremony and reception details. The longer an engagement is, the more time a bride has to worry about the details. By the time the wedding rolls around, even if everything is done to her (or her mother's) exact specifications, she is still bound to be worrying about last minute things to take care of.  Take it from me and get out of your own head! 

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Here are some common things that Brides worry about on the night before their wedding:

Oh no... Did I finish everything on my list? I still have 12 hours to get everything done! What can I do tonight? Maybe I'll just stick around with my bridesmaids after the rehearsal and set stuff up. That way I know it will be done right.

Oh no... Did the wedding planner get the change that Aunt Sue can't sit next to Uncle Bob? I better check the seating chart one last time. That would ruin everything!

Oh no... Where is my special wedding razor? My legs won't be perfectly smooth unless I have THAT razor! Now my wedding night will be ruined!

Oh no... I don't trust my DJ. I know he's going to play terrible songs. I better make a list for him of what not to play. And I better do it right now. 

Oh no... What if the florist tries to put carnations in my bouquet? I hate carnations! I forgot to tell her that I HATE carnations. They are going to ruin my pictures. I better call...

Oh no... I'm supposed to tip my vendors? I didn't budget for that! They are all going to hate me and do a terrible job! My wedding is ruined!

I could go on and on, but these are not the kind of things that any bride, groom, or mother of a bride or groom should be thinking about on the night before a wedding. 

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I always instruct my clients to finish all of their projects before the week leading up to their wedding. The final week should be for spending time with family, playing games, pampering, and enjoying the festivities. If there are any projects left after this point, then they need to be delegated to friends, family members or (most importantly), vendors who are free to lend a helping hand. Worrying about what the escort cards look like, or if there are cute signs made for the restrooms is pointless after the final week marker. It will only be taking the focus away from what is important, like spending time with your family and celebrating soon to be married life.

Trust your vendors and your attendants to help you. If something pops into your head, and you start worrying then tell the maid of honor or coordinator. You have chosen them carefully for a reason. Now trust them to take care of you!

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Brides, here are the things that are good for you to be doing on the night before the wedding:

1. Finalize your wedding vows. Go over them in your head and remind yourself why you are going through all the stress of a wedding in the first place. Think about that wonderful person you are about to start your life with.

2. Have your bridesmaids do beauty treatments with you. Give yourself a nice facial (just a cleansing facial that won't cause breakouts), do your nails, and have some good old fashion girly fun.

3. Put on a good wedding movie. There's nothing more entertaining than Steve Martin in Father of the Bride. It's a great way to take your mind off of your own wedding chaos. 

That's it. Really, truly! That's all that the Bride should be doing before the wedding night. Anything else is unnecessary stress. You should be focusing on getting a good night's rest and having a little fun! 

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In reality, the stress won't let up until after the ceremony is over. There will be nerves running rampant until that point. It's totally natural. But you don't have to let it ruin your fun! Keep in mind that once you are walking back down the aisle with a new husband in tow, you aren't going to be concerned about the linens, seating chart, restroom signs, or flower choices. You will be concerned with celebrating and enjoying the moment.

So brides, grooms, and even moms... if you have reached the final week of the wedding, put down your to-do lists and have a little fun! You will thank me in the long run.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Website!

It's finally here! The new website is up and running. Same web address (, just a much needed face lift. The old site wasn't giving the proper credit needed to all my wonderful client's event photos. The new look is much more modern and clean, focusing on the photos and artistry rather than the website itself. 

I have had my wedding and event planning company for over five years now. Technically, that still makes it a new business. As a new business it is so important to keep marketing tools (like a website, blog, and facebook account) up to date, and competitive with the current industry trends. 

As an event planner, the majority of my clients come from referrals and word of mouth. However! The goal of a web presence is to bring in as many viewers and followers as possible, so that the word spreads quickly! Right now we are right in the middle of wedding season mayhem, and there's not much time left over to devote to marketing. All the more reason for a polished website to come to the rescue and get the word out!

Enjoy the new look!