Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Website!

It's finally here! The new website is up and running. Same web address (, just a much needed face lift. The old site wasn't giving the proper credit needed to all my wonderful client's event photos. The new look is much more modern and clean, focusing on the photos and artistry rather than the website itself. 

I have had my wedding and event planning company for over five years now. Technically, that still makes it a new business. As a new business it is so important to keep marketing tools (like a website, blog, and facebook account) up to date, and competitive with the current industry trends. 

As an event planner, the majority of my clients come from referrals and word of mouth. However! The goal of a web presence is to bring in as many viewers and followers as possible, so that the word spreads quickly! Right now we are right in the middle of wedding season mayhem, and there's not much time left over to devote to marketing. All the more reason for a polished website to come to the rescue and get the word out!

Enjoy the new look!

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