Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hot Cocoa for a Winter Wedding Day

One of my favorite parts of winter time is curling up with a nice mug of hot chocolate! So why not make it a part of a winter wedding? Hot chocolate can make an excellent inexpensive favor for your guests, or can make a very cute dessert and coffee bar for your reception! Here are some great examples of how to incorporate hot cocoa into a wedding.

I love the idea of a bunch of hot chocolate toppings set up at a buffet table. Some good toppings are peppermint candy canes, orange twists, and of course marshmallows and whipped cream... maybe even some sprinkles!

Mugs the in the colors of the wedding make a great touch!

There are tons of clever ways to display marshmallows. Be creative! Not to mention, it is incredibly cheap and easy to make all kinds of chocolate covered marshmallows.

As far as favors goes, here are some genius ideas! They can be as cheap and easy as you want them to be, or if you have a little extra time to put into them, they can really be beautiful and unique.

Stay sweet!

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