Monday, April 2, 2012

Vespa Love!

Photo via

I. Love. Scooters. Frankly, I would love to trade in my car, which is now starting to have one too many problems, and pick up a vespa. My fiancé won't let me, because he knows I'm not all that good at riding a bike, so a Vespa for me is pretty much disaster territory. All the same! They get amazing gas mileage, and they're so cute! My friends have been known to hear me say, "Gotta get back to work... Mama needs a brand new scooter!" So how could I not be in love with the idea of using a scooter for a wedding?! It's a brilliant getaway mobile idea and is incredibly cute for engagement photos! Maybe after Justin sees this post, he will change his mind about letting me get a scooter! Or at least maybe we can find a way to integrate one into our wedding, engagement photos, or honeymoon!

Photo via Tuscany Vespas

Photo via Brooklyn Bride

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