Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Real Event: Jesse's Graffiti Bar Mitzvah

I was approached by lovely woman named Deborah about planning her son Jesse's bar mitzvah. She had all kinds of great ideas about what themes she could do and what unique activities there could be. The end result could not have been a more spectacular event! We landed on a graffiti and street theme. This party was both an over the top, awesome theme, and a truly unique reflection of Jesse. Thank you to Shani Barel from Don't Smile Now for doing an incredible job shooting the photos of this event! 

 You would have been hard pressed to find an inch of this event that didn't have one street themed item on it. The various food stations were made to look like food trucks. Guests got to have custom tagged hats, license plates, and towels to take home with them. The party was decorated with tagged street signs, chain link fence, cones, and caution tape. Best of all, there were huge graffiti wall installations around the event space. The entry way had a custom made arch with Jesse's name on it. There was a "Jesse" graffiti wall in the party for guests to take photos in front of. And during the party there was a "live" graffiti artist making a custom made piece while guests watched the masterpiece unfold.



The centerpieces were tagged trash cans filled with hydrangea's from the garden. Tables had newspapers from all of Jesse's old birthdays. Deborah found mini trash cans to use for favors. She filled them with Jesse's favorite candy and then had a tagging artist do unique graffiti on each trash can. The sign-in poster was a tagged poster with Jesse's picture on it. Guests were given favor bags to take home all their loot, and got to tag them themselves. There was also a wire artist making custom made name art for guests to take home.

When it got dark and the party kicked into full swing, out came all of the light up toys. The DJ was handing out glow stick headbands, the pool had light up balls, the lounge furniture tables lit up, and out came the light up martini glasses filled with "chocolate mocktinis". Everyone toasted to Jesse with Pink's "Raise Your Glass" playing in the background. And to end the night, guests were given sparklers! Both kids and adults alike had an amazing time.

Even the event planners were joining in with the festivities! 

I truly had a fantastic time helping plan this event. Bar Mitzvahs are such an important time for a family, and it makes my job so much more enjoyable knowing that I could help make their celebration happen. 

Congratulations to the entire McAdams family! 


Event Planner - Cassandra Dyane Weddings & Events
Photographer - Don't Smile Now
Catering and Rentals - Cornucopia Catering
Graffiti - Parties by Curtis
Wire Art - The Entertainment Contractor
DJ - Mark Ray Entertainment

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  1. This was quite and event! And deborah and Jesse and everyone in the family is absolutely wonderful! You did an amazing job making it all come together and turning this beautiful backyard in to a back alley playground!