Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I dream of an Irish Wedding...

When I visited Ireland a couple years ago, I absolutely fell in love. Ireland holds a special place in my heart, because when I was there it was the first time I had seen my sweetheart since traveling abroad in Italy for several long months. For both he and I, it was a place where we could simply be at peace with our surroundings and with each other.I had gone from the scorching heat in France where I was all alone and missing home, to the cool rainy scenery (which I LOVE) in Ireland with my man at my side and serenity as my surroundings. There are hardly words to describe how happy Ireland made me.

Justin and I often dream about having a getaway wedding in Ireland and I decided that there was no better way to dream about it than finding and posting pictures for all to see how wonderful a wedding it would be!

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  1. definitely.
    this also works very well into my living arrangements for the next 3 years... ;) and ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world.