Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pretty in Pink... Accents

Ok Ladies... I know everyone's first instinct when it comes to wedding colors is to think pink. However! I can not tell you how many weddings I have seen where there was just simply a PINK OVERLOAD! Today we will have a lesson on when pink is appropriate in a wedding setting.

Rule #1 - Do not, under any circumstances, make the groom or groomsman wear any shade of pink! The only exception to this rule is if the men volunteer to wear a boutonnière that has pink in it. Let me be clear - no pink ties, no pink cummerbunds, no pink suits, no pink shirts and no pink sox! You really shouldn't even suggest the pink flowers... he needs to offer. Remember! Your day is his day too, and he should get to be as manly as he can be!

Rule #2 - When using pink in reception decor, only use it as an accent. Pink is a very vibrant color and can easily become overpowering. Rather than use it as your table cloths, chairs flowers, escort cards, and centerpieces... try just using it as an accent color! A hint of pink in the flowers... or a pink champagne at every table setting for the toast. In whatever way you do decide to do it, just make sure it is pared with a much more subdued color to really make it stand out and be beautiful.

Rule #3 - Don't get carried away and let pink be the center of attention on your wedding day. Remember! This day is about celebrating the bride and groom and their upcoming life... not about celebrating the color pink. That being said... Here are some pink weddings that were done beautifully!

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