Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great tools by The Knot

Most brides have heard of The Knot (unless you've been living under a rock somewhere). The Knot is a great resource for finding vendors, looking for inspiration photos, and even getting good wedding planning advice. Lately I've been exploring their site in detail because I've been curious about all of the tools they offer (plus! what could be more fun than exploring wedding planning sites?!) I am very impressed! They have everything from a to-do list tracker, to a very good budgeter, guest list and seating charts, and even dream board makers (mine is pictured above)!
I have to admit that I've gotten so excited about it that my man thinks I've gone a little crazy (considering that we're not planning on getting married until sometime late next year). But the thing is, it really is a great resource for Brides AND Grooms AND families AND attendants. They have everything anyone could possibly want to know. Plus it keeps such good track of all your information, that it's probably better than using a journal type planner. Certainly easier to keep track of!
I highly encourage anyone who's getting married or knows someone who's getting married, to take advantage of their resources!

Photo Credits:
Gown by Judd Waddell
Bridesmaids gown by Watters Maids
Engagement ring by Tacori
Tuxedo by Kleinfeld Men
Bouquet by Artfool
Hairstyle by The Knot
Reception Centerpiece by Tantawan Bloom


  1. By the way, speaking of The Knot, last year's Win a Wedding Contest by The Knot was won by one of your cousins. Grandma Betty's brother Bob's daughter, Dianne Sayers Hendricks (cousin Dianne)...youngest son Rick married Heather in the Bahama's last October. The Knot paid for it all; wedding, wedding party and family for five days, plus honeymoon and 1st year anniversary back to the Bahamas. Nice! FYI...Aunt Gretchen

  2. Wow! Even more proof that The Knot is a wonderful company doing wonderful things!

  3. I knew our family would be famous someday! ;) Love, cousin Claire