Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Ireland Dream Wedding

Photo via Guru Wedding

Those of you that know me know that my vision of the perfect wedding changes almost daily. However, I've had this vision of the perfect destination wedding in Ireland for a long time, and I think I've finally settled on this idea as the one I eventually want to have! I am absolutely in love of the back drop of rolling green hills, rainy weather and plenty of pubs to keep the guests having a good time! Justin and I have a deep love for Ireland, and it only makes sense that we would have a destination wedding there. That said, here are some really great inspiration photos for my dream wedding.

Love these photos of the couple in love under the rainbow. Super sweet engagement photo ideas!

This photographer does stunning work. From what I can tell, they do work both in the states and in Ireland. My favorite thing about this photo... it really captures exactly how green and beautiful the Irish countryside is. Don't you just want to move into one of those charming little houses?

Photos via Yes Bride

Since this would be a country wedding, what goes better than wild flowers and elegant pearls and lace? The wild flowers show off their natural environment, and the pearls and lace provide such a nice contrast that the end result is striking.

I am crazy about this style gown. That open back? Hello! Gorgeous!

Photos via Style Me Pretty

This color palate is perfect for an irish country wedding. It's so warm and friendly! Plus I would never go with green... too cliche. Also, that floral printed dress is so pretty! It would be great for a mother of the bride (hope you like it mom!).

Sheep are everywhere in Ireland. One of Justin and my favorite memories is of the house we stayed in our first night in Ireland. We actually had to count the sheep for the owners to make sure none of them had escaped!

Photos via The Knotty Bride

This cake is so elegant and pretty! It's got exactly what I would look for in a cake... imitation white lace and beautiful sugar flowers!

I would love to have my guests stay with us in Ireland for the week leading up to the wedding. I would plan a whole bunch of fun events for everyone able to participate... including great picnics!

My opinion on bridesmaids dresses is ever changing. First I thought all the girls should wear the same dress, then I thought the maid of honor should have something special or different about her dress, then I changed my mind and thought, well they should all wear whatever style they want as long as it's the same color. What do I think now? I think, every girl for herself! No one wants to show up at a party wearing the same dress as five other girls! Love this cute example above.

Photo via Coco Kelley

Dinner in a field? Only in Ireland would this seem so romantic!

Photos via Aislinn Events

The photos above are from some real weddings that took place in Dingle, Ireland. How amazing are the bright vibrant colors?

The photos below are some great inspiration boards I found. The rustic feel to them is exactly what I'm going for.

Photo via Bridal Buds

As for the ceremony, I would love to do a very intimate gathering, where everyone stands around the bride and groom. That makes such a supportive atmosphere! The candle light ceremony is a symbol of love, encouragement and blessings. What a beautiful thing to have at a wedding!

I found this incredible venue called Westcove Lettings. It has four different houses on the property, and it can hold up about 45 people. Check it out! It is the perfect setting for my dream wedding.

I hope you have enjoyed my Irish vision!


  1. I've got my passport ready to go! This is stunning and will be a beautiful way to start your married life!

  2. Yeah! The only thing left to do is get engaged!

  3. ...Engaged to RICHIE RICH. I'm still pulling for you to dig that GOoOOooOOLDDDDD! ^_^