Thursday, November 18, 2010

Claire's Pink Wonderland Wedding

Today, we continue fantasy wedding week with my lovely cousin Claire. Claire is currently living in Israel and attending med school so that she can work for the Doctors Without Borders program. There are hardly words that describe how generous Claire is. She deserves a wedding that celebrates just how wonderful she is! I picture her wedding being a fabulous collage of soft pink, high society and a winter wonderland. Claire, I love you, and I hope you enjoy my vision of your wedding!

This dress is designed by Alisa Benay and is a part of a fundraiser that will go towards cancer research. I can see Claire using this dress to give back to the people that she will spend her life helping. Her giving heart never fails to inspire me!


  1. Cass - I'm truly honored to be the subject of such a heartfelt, meaningful, humbling post. Thank you - for thinking of me, for dreaming for me, and for being such a wonderfully loving and generous person yourself! Love you. :)

    P.S. I'm 100% a fan!! The dress (1st and last one)...20s head piece...polka dot bridesmaid heals...pearls...classy do you picture the groom? ;)