Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fabulous DiY Trends

For all of you creative Brides and Grooms out there, I thought you might enjoy some of these DiY ideas. Each of these things are very popular right now, but cute to boot!

I love this idea of having the escort cards be part of the table. This is an especially good idea for those of you who can't afford to break the bank on rentals like linens. Pictured above is black butcher paper draped over plain white linens with names written on them in white ink.

Escort cards are always a good way to save a little money. These are lovely, written in cute penmanship and put on a pretty variety of colored papers.

What better way to decorate your wedding than with photos?! I've always thought it would be fun to have people send in a picture of themselves with their rsvp and then use it as a part of their escort card. I love the photos draped from the laundry lines pictured above.

Taking a photo of the bride and groom to send out as thank you cards is a brilliant idea. I think it's great when couples decide to get really creative with the way they portray the words "Thank You". A chalk board is a very clever idea.

Making flower vases with sparkles! How fun! It's just a short trip to the craft store, and you're ready to go.

Origami is a really fun way to decorate a space. They can be used practically, as part of a favor, escort card, or even table decorations, or they could simply be hung as a backdrop. I've seen them used in ceremony decor as well as for receptions. Go crazy and start folding!

Everyone loves a beautiful headpiece... why not bring a little color into it, and make it yourself? It's a great way to bring some fun into the sophistication of a bridal look.

Pinwheels are super easy to make, and they add an excellent burst of movement and color to a wedding. Have fun with them and use them as many ways as possible!

How cool is this?! These people made a chandelier out of rock candy! They also hung it from branches to make it look like ice for a winter wedding. I love the concept of using candy as decor.

These elegant monograms are used in really creative ways. The envelope you see above has been stamped and the "E" is done in hand calligraphy. The couple also made the box to give away as favors. Let your imagination take you wherever it want's to go!

Have fun being creative!

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